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Geaux Fideaux began when we made party favors for Miles' 3rd birthday. We (the two people behind Geaux Fideaux, or behind Miles and Beau) are mother, Kendall, and daughter, Lindsey, who absolutely adore our pups!! We started thinking: how could we create a business doing something we love, and that love is all about our dogs! 

After Miles' birthday party we tossed around the idea of creating Geaux Fideaux and were strongly encouraged by all of our wonderful friends!

We wanted to create a unique product different from all the other bandanas out there.  We decided to do a double sided bandana from fabric of your choice and monogram both sides. That way, you're really getting two bandanas for the price of one - and no two are the same. As most things in life, ideas snowballed from there. The drool rags came about from Miles' own slimy mouth! Pictures cannot be taken without one now!! 

Our name, Geaux Fideaux, is a nod to our south Louisiana roots. We are LSU fans through and through, but aren't too proud to make a bandana with another school's colors!!!

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